TeamTimeZone+ is a Slack Web Application and Slash Command to help manage your distributed team.

Are you part of a team based on different time zones? Do you use Slack as your team collaboration tool?

If that sounds like you, you may have experienced some trouble when trying to set up a meeting that suits all your colleagues, or when trying to know who is available now to help you with that particular issue.

Team Time Zone + tools can help you with all that and more by visualizing your team members time zones in a clean and efficient way, helping you plan meetings and find the right people at the right time.

Slash Command

  • Type /ttz on a channel or group to get an image of the team members by timezone in the Slack window.
  • Type /ttz self and the image will only visible to you.
  • Follow the link on the image to launch the Web Application with the right channel/group filter applied.

Web Application

1. View
  • Efficiently visualize your distributed team organized by team zones.
  • Detailed and compact views to suit small and large teams.
  • Easily view who is online and away.
  • Visualize team zone difference to better understand time zone gaps in your team.
  • Glance over the team using the grouped users view or look at individual users on a detailed user view.
2. Plan
  • Contact team members directly in Slack, by email or phone.
  • Use the time selector slider to shift between different times and see how it reflects on the team.
  • Filter by channels, groups and usergroups to refine your search.
  • Search for particular members using the search box.
3. Schedule
  • Easily select team members you want to create a meeting for.
  • Add aditional emails of people that is not part of your Slack team.
  • Send meeting email invites using the Schedule panel.
If you have any questions, please get in touch!
Start using the app now by clicking the following button:


Local times visualized


Slack teams managed


Users served


World Local Times